NSII Code of Conduct

The NSII Code of Conduct (CoC) aspires to provide transparency about the incorporation of environmental, social and Corporate governance (ESG) considerations into the decision making process of Investment companies. Main objectives are:

• Assisting investors to make informed investment

• To promote the incorporation of ESG factors in the
     investment policy

• To Stimulate an exchange of experience about the
     benefits of SRI among Russian Investment

The NSII is developing the Code of Conduct in close collaboration with leading Russian Financial Institutions and international ESG and Sustainability certification centers in order to maintain high standards of the certification. To achieve these objectives, the NSII has created the ‘Star Logo’ which allows demonstrating our member’s adherence to the NSII Code of Conduct.

The Russian Sustainability Index

We are currently working on the implementation of the Russian Sustainability Index (RSI).

The RSI examines the performance of Russian companies in regard to environmental, corporate governance and social criteria. For companies to be included in the RSI, we do an analysis of their long term economic, social and environmental performance.

Main objective is to provide investors and stakeholders alike with the transparency needed to make informed decisions.  

International Sustainability Indexes are compiled by the following exchanges:

(see resources for a detailed list)

• Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME)


• Deutsche Börse Dow Jones Indexes

• The Egyptian Exchange (in preparation)

• Indonesia Stock Exchange

• Johannesburg Stock Exchange

• Korea Exchange

• London Stock Exchange Group


• National Stock Exchange of India

• NYSE Euronext

• Shanghai Stock Exchange

• Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

• Wiener Börse